Introducing Vicsail Sydney Pty Ltd


Our History – Smooth sailing since 1983.

Vicsail Sydney Pty Ltd, launched into the Australian sailing fraternity in 1983 and has been sailing strong ever since.Vicsail Pty Ltd was first established in Geelong, Husband and wife, Brendan & Joanne Hunt founders of Vicsail.

Sold there own yacht, as one of the first brokerage listings. From these modest beginnings, the business has grown immensely over the past 25 years and is now to one of the top premier yacht brokers and new Yacht agency within Australia.

Our Staff

Brendan Hunt| Founder of Vicsail Pty Ltd

Brendan Hunt

As founder and managing director of Vicsail, Brendan continues working at full strength in the yachting industry, With a hands on approach he continues to foster the growth of our sales team in both mono hulls and multihulls.

Jo Hunt | Director

Having overseen Vicsail’s activities since Its inception in 1983, Jo is the driving force Behind Lagoon, Vicsail and Beneteau and overseas all company strategies and finances.

Sue Griffiths | Office Manager

In 1997 I enjoyed a two year Expat role as the Chief Accountant for a Trading Company in Vietnam. I tackled the fast expansion of the company during the 9% GDP growth of Vietnam’s economy through the most challenging times of the Asian currency crisis.

At Vicsail, I work with our clients ensuring they are up to date with information on their new boat shipping details and ensure that the finance process runs smoothly.

Micah Lane | Vicsail Brokerage, Managing Director

Michael Coxon | Sales

For 17 years Michael was happy being a plumber, but in 2011, felt he needed a new challenge. Having always enjoyed boats and sailing, the idea of working in the boating industry was appealing, he joined the Vicsail team in 2011.

The name Coxon is synonymous with sailing. Not to be confused with his uncle of the same name, Michael started sailing Manly Junior’s at Pittwater, then 420’s and 49ers and also raced an Etchells with his father Richard and Tony Hearst, contesting world championships along the way.

“I really enjoy it; it’s a good lifestyle, it only took me a couple of months to get into the groove”